7 Tips On Selecting A Web Design Firm Image

7 Tips On Selecting A Web Design Firm

7 Tips On Selecting A Web Design Firm Image

When trying to find a web design firm most will start with a simple Google search, but this will list hundreds of web design companies. Each one trying to outshine or outsell their competitors in the market. So how does one find a web designer or firm?

Here are 7 tips to help you find the right fit:

  1. Word of Mouth. Asking friends, family, and/or co-workers have always been the go-to for advice on cars, vacations, employment, etc… Selecting a web designer is no different. You would be surprised to find out how many people have websites on the web either for personal or business use.
  2. Portfolios. Always check the designers work online both on their website and out on the web. Just because a designer says “look at what I did for XYZ”, does not mean that XYZ is using it.
  3. Reviews. We included reviews as a tip but use caution when using client reviews on either Yelp or Google to base your decision on. Reviews left by an anonymous or unverified users can’t be trusted fully. Unfortunately, the industry as with many other industries has its share of internet “trolls”.
  4. Support. A website should be treated as a never-ending story and should evolve as your company grows and changes. Having a designer who is engaged with you and your company ensures successful changes.
  5. Connection. It is critical to connect and get along with your web designer. Meetings with them may be in person, conference calls, and/or online web meetings. If you don’t connect with the person or team you are working with, you may find it hard to complete your project or website.
  6. Forward Thinking. A good designer will not only be able to design the website you asked for but should also be able to discuss other key features you may not think you need. This can include SEO, branding, social media, etc...
  7. Pricing. While pricing is an important aspect of staying within your budget you should not get hung up on it. While some companies offer low pricing and a pretty website they charge a lot of money for simple changes or just supporting the ongoing “life cycle”. Never pay in full at contract signing!

These 7 tips should help you go in the right direction and help aid you to find a web designer you can work with. Make sure you ask questions on what is included, payment schedule, ongoing support of your website.

Still, have questions? We are here to help and assist you, send us an email and drop us a note on our Contact form.