Another Tattoo

Description –Online Publication

Problem –Client wanted to move from a hosted Blogger platform to a privately hosted site. They wanted the look to be more of an online publication style vs a blog layout.

Goals & Objectives –Migrate the current site to a new platform while keeping their current website online. Create a new web design based on the client’s current needs of having an online publication feel with different categories based on the type of articles they are writing. The website needs to be able to provide site statistics about the visitor’s visiting the site. The website needs to load quickly even with the number of images being used.

Solution –We designed a site using Wordpress as the backend on one of our Linux servers. We created the site using a modified Wordpress theme that met the client’s requirements. Imported the data from Blogger to a MySQL database allowing the client to retain their current articles and images. Optimized their images to be more web friendly and load quicker. Setup the site to use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up the load times of their static data.