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Web Design Services

There are many aspects of web design and redesign. There are two main components of a website; the front-end and the back-end. The front-end consists of what the visitors/clients see when they enter your site’s URL. The back-end is any coding or database residing behind the website’s web pages. Here at Cope Media Group, we work with clients to take their ideas from start to finish.

    What we offer:
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  • No Hidden Fees
  • Maintenance and Hosting

Our Process

The discovery phase starts with our initial conversation about your strategy and business goals. Here we will discuss the personas, the written characteristics of the visitors to your website to get an understanding of your target audience. At this stage, we will also discuss your website’s sitemap. A sitemap is a flowchart style layout of the pages that will be the foundation of your website.

The next phase is the design portion, which is broken down into several steps starting with the wireframe. The wireframe is a sketch of the website’s pages based on the sitemap and the information gathered from the discovery phase. This is where you can see how the website will flow and get a sense of the overall look. After the wireframe is signed off on the design phase will begin. Here we will set the site’s colors, fonts, and images.

The development phase consists of two parts, the coding of the website and the content creation. The coding step is where we take the wireframe and turn it into the site’s web pages. Here is where we code the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript portions of the site. Some websites will need additional coding if using a CMS (content management system) solution like Wordpress and Joomla. This is an exciting time for most clients as they will see their vision come to life. Once the coding is done and the structure is working, it’s time to add the site’s content. The content is the text that will fill your website’s pages. The content portion is an important step as we will incorporate basic SEO (search engine optimization) principles to help attract your target audience.

Close to the completion of the website we will release the site for internal testing. Testing includes feedback on the user experience or UX, page links, contact forms, and overall usability on different devices such as iPhones and iPads, Android mobile devices, and a variety of different web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE*).

Once testing has been completed, it is now time to launch your website. The site can be uploaded to your current hosting provider or hosted on one of our own dedicated web hosting servers.

After the launch; a critical aspect of your business strategy will be to monitor and review the analytics reports. These reports will help you determine if the current plan is working, the targeted audience is being attracted, and allow us to make any necessary changes to meet your goals. This process is also called, Growth Driven Design and is a proven method in the digital marketing world.
* We will support Internet Explorer 11 and higher. We follow Microsoft's End of Life (EOL) policy.

Website Hosting Services

Our hosting platform mostly consists of Linux servers running either Apache or Nginx web server software. We also have Microsoft Windows Servers running IIS if your needs require this operating system.

Our engineer's will setup, upload and configure your site with your new hosting plan. We will work with you to make sure your site is up and running correctly so you can get back to your core business. Currently, all our servers are hosted in New York with the exception of our Windows servers which are currently in a Virginia data center.

SEO Services

Can potential customers or clients find you on the information superhighway? Don’t hope so - know so!

Search Engine Optimization; also known, as SEO is how major search engines like Google and Bing “rank” the pages that will be displayed in someone’s search. The higher the ranking, the more likely your website is to be delivered to the user.

Our design team includes basic SEO standards into all our designs including our WordPress deployments. Let us check your website to see how we can help improve your page ranking.

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